Most of the superhero talent is out in the states, but some of us get to run the Alliance HQ.

Sarah Audelo

Executive Director

In the office:

  • Ensures there’s always money in the bank to get local organizers paid & keep the movement building and growing by fundraising Every. Single. Day.
  • Gives voice to a generation of amazing local organizers by hyping our network in the media
  • Keeps the entire Alliance team clear-eyed, full-hearted, and unable to lose

Out of the office:

  • On a salsa, bachata, or 90s r&b dance floor
  • Grilling delicious foods
  • Giddy trips to Costco

Dawn Boudwin

Director of Program & Partnerships

In the Office:

  • Manages the talented and awesome program team
  • Oversees the Alliance’s “incubation” process to expand the network of state-based youth organizations
  • Leads partnership work with national, state, and local organizations, companies, and brands to elevate affiliates and partners and further organization’s electoral and issue campaign goals

Out of the Office:

  • Unofficial food critic and professional nap taker
  • Leads her nephew’s fan club
  • Admires North Carolina’s greatness. (It has beaches and mountains!)
  • Collects vinyl and makes more playlists than any one person needs

Malaya Davis

Associate Communications Director

In the office

  • Uplift the stories and victories of the Alliance and our badass affiliates, and share with the world via emails, social, and traditional media
  • Letting the entire universe know that the Alliance is the hub for dope youth organizing across the country
  • Provide communications support and trainings for affiliate organizations

Out of the office

  • Dance is LIFE!
  • Heart being a plant mom
  • One of the honey bees in Beyonce’s BeyHive
  • All things Black Girl Magic

Jacque Grimsley

Operations Director

In the office:

  • Creates and manages efficient systems to keep the organization running smoothly on the backend
  • Maintains financial and administrative operations so that nothing falls through the cracks. Ever.
  • Strengthens human resources to ensure that the Alliance continues to be an equitable (and awesome) place to work

Out of the Office:

  • Lover of outdoor activities, primarily of the coastal variety
  • Re-watches 30 Rock (over and over) in search of previously missed jokes
  • Self declared sommelier of wine under $15


Gnora Gumanow

Network Program Coordinator

In The Office:

  • Manages logistics for team Alliance to visit our affiliates all across the country
  • Lends a hand to our National Voter Guide program
  • Offers a helping hand to network programs

Out of The Office:

  • Diligent Health Policy student at Milken Institute of Public Health
  • Plays way too much Ultimate Frisbee
  • Hides in the bushes hoping to befriend the squirrels

Mark Hatton

Director of Electoral Engagement

In the Office

  • Assists affiliates and youth organizing partners in building and scaling amazing youth-led electoral programs and issue advocacy campaigns
  • Supports the creation and distribution of the American Voter Guide
  • Works with the program team in leveraging local and national partnerships to support and elevate the work of affiliates and youth organizing partners

Out of Office

  • Creates excuses to make trips to Target. And always picks up more than he needs
  • Unashamed fanboy of Star Wars he is
  • Drinks way too much Iced Tea and Diet Coke

Scarlett Jimenez

Development Coordinator

In the office:

  • Pens powerful proposals to bring in the money
  • Meeting-making meistra for our Executive Director
  • Motivates the entire team to get on the fundraising chase

Out of the office:

  • Practices her French over a plate of crêpes
  • Takes shameless amounts of pictures of her shih-tzu, Sage
  • Waiting for the day Mindy Kaling realizes they were meant to be best friends
  • Regularly trips over her own two feet

Andrea Marcoccio

Director of Capacity Building

In the office:

  • Strengthens youth-led organizations’ management, fundraising, and operations across the country through running our Capacity Building programs like the Youth Organizing Summit
  • Provides ongoing campaign & organizational support to current and prospective Alliance affiliates across the country

Out of the office:

  • Grateful partner, sister, daughter and aunt
  • Co-Founder of Matchwood Brewing Company
  • Red Ants Pants Colony Member
  • Nostalgic college athlete with innate competitive tendencies

Daniela Mrabti

Digital & Special Projects Coordinator

In the office:

  • Provides ongoing campaign & organizational support to youth organizations in the east
  • Gets our marvelous message out through digital communications
  • Boosts the brain power of our movement through coordinating research and experiments

Out of the office:

  • Peaked in college as part of the ukulele orchestra
  • Always starting tv shows, but never finishing them
  • Pets other people’s animals when they let her

Marisa Slifka

Operations Coordinator

In the office:

  • Manage seamless logistics to ensure everyone can get down to business at meetings
  • Keeps internal systems tidy for a smooth day to day work environment
  • Works to cultivate an inclusive and productive workspace for the whole team

Out of the office:

  • Emotionally invests in adult recreational soccer far too much
  • Identifies with Buddy the Elf’s relationship to coffee and then falls asleep. Literally everywhere
  • Peaked when compared to Park and Rec’s Jenn Barkley by a former student


The Alliance for Youth Action / Alliance for Youth Organizing have some awesomely brilliant and strategic advisors behind us. Our board[s] of directors are the kind of activists who’ve been getting it done for years -- and they make sure the raucous and riotous Alliance stays on track and on mission. The arc toward justice is bent a lot farther because of their work.

The Board of Directors of the Alliance for Youth Action

Affiliates listed for identification purposes only.
Andrea Cooper, Chair
Campaign Manager, Governor Kate Brown
Kelley Robinson, Vice Chair
National Organizing Director, Planned Parenthood Federation of America
Chris Sloan, Treasurer
Director of Government Affairs, International Union of Painters and Allied Trades
Ben Wessel, Secretary
Deputy Political Director, NextGen Climate
Kurston Cook
Senior Strategist, Grassroots Solutions
Kim Rogers
Organizational Specialist for Campaigns & Elections, National Education Association
Alexandra Acker-Lyons
President, AL Advising
Aaron Merkin
Sr. Confidential Specialist, National Education Association
Jonathan Paik
Executive Director, Korean Resource Center
Wendi Wallace
Political Outreach Director, Planned Parenthood Federation of America